We help you save a lot of time by making a fine selection, pre-visiting apartments that suit your needs and sending you a detailed report including photos and floor plans.

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Searching, selecting & finding

Our team is deeply familiar with the Parisian market and has access to the entire offer (professional and private market) thanks to our professional network and tools. We make a fine pre-selection of the best opportunities corresponding to your search.

We work exclusively for you and in your best interest, and take no commissions from the agencies. The agencies therefore, are quick to contact us when new properties come in.

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Pre-visiting the best flats spotted

We visit, for you in advanced, the most appropriate apartments, to pin point their strengths and weaknesses according to your expectations.

After each visit you will receive a thorough and objective report including lots of pictures of the apartment and its neighborhood as well as a map and floor plan. If you are open to renovation work, our Architect will complete each report with a sketch showing how it can be remodeled to fit you best.

Sometimes it can happen that we have to hurry to not miss an opportunity. In this case we will call you immediately to organize a visit directly together.

© Romy Ryan James

© Romy Ryan James

Visiting with you

If you are touched by one of the apartments, we will immediately organise a visit with you, including the Architect. She will help you project yourself in the space and assess its full potential.

If you plan renovation-work this is also a good time to give a rough estimate of the cost. You will have a global vision of the total budget required for this project.

If you decide not to carry on, it will be interesting that you share your impressions with us to help fine-tune the search criteria.

You love the apartment and you want to buy it, the way is opened to make an offer. We will have prepared for you an estimate of its right price. It’s up to you to decide!

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