Architecture & Design

If you wish to continue the adventure with us, you can call upon our finest Architect.


Whether you plan to remodel, renovate or simply repaint your apartment, the Architect can :

  • Accompany you during the whole process : from the conception of the space until the end of the renovation work and decoration.
  • Or simply give their advice and ideas on any of these aspects.
  • And/Or put you in contact with reliable contractors.
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Space Planning

Our Architect will provide you with creative and original ideas to create and optimize the space in accordance with your lifestyle, style and wishes.

This essential phase includes :

  • Dimension measuring,
  • Several sketches to choose from,
  • Detailed plans and elevations,
  • Written work specifications for an accurate quotation.

Our principle: a modern and efficient floor plan corresponding to you!

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Our Architect will provide you with ideas of :

  • Color schemes,
  • Materials and accessories,
  • Fit to measure furniture.

Our principle: meticulous attention to detail.




Our Architect will carefully follow through this essential stage by :

  • Negotiating the price with the best suited contractors,
  • Coordinating the contractors,
  • Visiting the building site at least once a week and giving on site intructions,
  • Sending you detailed reports along with pictures,
  • Monitoring expenses and the schedule to meet the deadlines,
  • Receptioning the construction.

Our principle: top quality construction delivered on time.

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