We will support you to secure the deal in your best interest, until you become the owner of your perfect place.


Negotiating the true price and making an offer

We will :

  • carry out an objective and precise estimate of the value of the property;
  • study all the official documents to secure the deal;
  • define together the right way to negotiate both its price and its buying conditions in your best interest.

If you wish to leave it up to us, we will write up and defend your offer on your behalf, which is possible as we have an exclusive contract together. You can of course choose to manage it yourself; we can put you in direct contact with the agent or private owner.

We believe that our clients should have all the facts in mind before they buy.

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Signing the official documents and becoming owner

We will support you all the way, from signing the pre-sale agreement to the deed of sale:

  • helping along with the administration procedures and making sure the deadlines are met;
  • putting all the various participants (notary, agent, owner, etc.) in contact.

We will be present at both appointments. If you live abroad, we can sign in your place if you give a power of attorney.

Congratulations you are the owner of your fine nest!

Get started now !