The first step that you must carry out is to set up the funding of your project via a banking professional.


Pre-approving your loan

Having a pre-approved loan secures your purchase upstream and enables you to appear to be a solid buyer.

Either your current bank can carry out a simulation or FineNest will put you in contact with an independent financial advisor and broker in charge of structuring your budget and optimizing the value of your future mortgage.



How is the budget split up ?

  • Buying price of the property - To be noted, the listed property prices include the selling agency fees
  • Notary fees - Approximately 7.2% of the buying price excluding the agency fees
  • FineNest flat-hunting fees
  • Renovation work - Optional depending on the condition of the apartment

FineNest always keeps in mind your total budget, and will only present to you properties which are completely in line with it.

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